Bart Dorsa

Bart Dorsa is an American artist based in Moscow.
Bart Dorsa was born on the American West Coast. He started his career as an independent filmmaker. His first photographs were made in the Hollywood hills in the 90’s using alternative photographic processes with pin-up girls and adult film stars as subjects. Around the turn of the century Dorsa moved to Moscow and dedicated himself to photography. He began making glass photographic plates with hand-mixed emulsions and silver. Dorsa debuted his new technique in November of 2008 with the show titled ‘Soul Stealer’. The ‘Soul Stealer’ exhibition gained him recognition as an alternative photographer, and he was then exhibited at Pobeda Gallery and Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Seeking more out of photography, Dorsa de-constructed his camera and began shooting hand-held plates with only a lens and inside of a camera obscura. Pushing the boundaries of the medium even further, he turned to sculpture, which he sees as another way to ‘imprint’ the subject. His shows are realized in black chambers with directed lighting.